Current Status: Red Eclipse

Red Eclipse: Current Status [V. 0.55]

Red Eclipse is a story about a hero waking up in some unknown forest, seeking for revenge to the witch who put him to sleep. Whilst the story proceeds he remembers more and more of his old life, his family, and learns more about his friends.

Map List:

  • The Intro Forest (Intro Scene only)
  • Arcania (Town)
  • Silent Forest (Woods- themed forest)

Battles so far:

  • Wolf Scene
  • Dark Queen
  • Arcania, Boss: Farmland Big Bunny
  • Silent Forest, Enemy Rooms #1 and #2
  • Silent Forest, Boss Room: Forest Bunny

Current Completion State: 20%

Maps: ~60%

NPC’s: ~90%

Scripts, Audio: ~90%

Graphics: ~95%


[RMXP] Project V5 Skill Icons – By Janrae Mendoza

[RMXP] Project V5 Skill Icons.

Some of the icons are now in usage within my project, and I think it’s better to give credit where it’s due.


On a side note, Version 0.6 is already under development and heavy testing!

It will include the following:
路 Meeting with the thief ~ Full scene

路 Within the forest ~ New scene

路 Dark Queen’s Appearance ~ Editted scene

路 Dark Queen Battle ~ Updated

路 Arcadia ~ Full Map

路 A dark bunny? ~ New battle, including scene

路 Serge ~ New, playable character

路 New Music ~ What it says


Catch you later, guys! 馃榾

Red Eclipse: First Intro Teaser

Hey there folks! You know, making games is hard without feedback and criticism. That’s why I’ll already publish the first teaser of Red Eclipse – The game I’ve been working on for several weeks now. This teaser includes the interactive intro – although everything shown is subject to change – and a meeting with Serge Mononobe, the thief, and the bad character in the game, the Dark Queen.

Read more on I’ll catch you later, and hopefully you’ll learn to use this damn chatbox! 馃槢


Edit: Someone asked where the heck Nyaru has gone. It’s simple; she’s taken to a later point and isn’t in the teaser. Look at me, I’m so evil!

See you, BlueMage