Current Status: Red Eclipse

Red Eclipse: Current Status [V. 0.55]

Red Eclipse is a story about a hero waking up in some unknown forest, seeking for revenge to the witch who put him to sleep. Whilst the story proceeds he remembers more and more of his old life, his family, and learns more about his friends.

Map List:

  • The Intro Forest (Intro Scene only)
  • Arcania (Town)
  • Silent Forest (Woods- themed forest)

Battles so far:

  • Wolf Scene
  • Dark Queen
  • Arcania, Boss: Farmland Big Bunny
  • Silent Forest, Enemy Rooms #1 and #2
  • Silent Forest, Boss Room: Forest Bunny

Current Completion State: 20%

Maps: ~60%

NPC’s: ~90%

Scripts, Audio: ~90%

Graphics: ~95%


What’s going on?

Hey guys, holidays just’ve started and I’m free of school. Hooray! Anyway, what I’m doing for the next weeks will be:

  • Mostly, I’ll set up and configure this entire stuff.
  • Also I’m going to work on my XAS Project “Red Eclipse”! You can read more about XAS on the Links to the right.

So this is the plan for the next weeks.


If you can’t read the chat box because it’s too far away, you may as well bookmark the link to it:

Monday, 9th July ’12: What’s new?

  • I’m getting help from Janrae Mendoza for Red Eclipse now! Visit his site; I’ve posted a link redirection in the box to the right.
  • Alex1 from the EuIRC chat released some cool stuff today. Check his site out [GERMAN]: (The link will be added in the box to the right.)

New WordPress Blog

Hello, folks! So, some of you might recall me as BlueMage, others as BlueMage0 – This page was written to clean it all up: All Comments I made on WordPress blogs such as are either written as BlueMage or bluemage0, everything else on any other blogs belong to some other guy or people.

Aside from that, I’m still the old BlueMage from the EuIRC on – And yes, I finally decided to make a blog to keep you up to date. (And if you don’t want to keep up, why’d you visit this? ;))


If you understand German, you can also visit my forums (Or you may come from them, who knows?). If you would just take a little look, even that’d be okay:

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