All the new stuff going round here!

First of all again, Yanfly Channel is now maintained by Archeia Nessiah and Yami. Yami, by the way, works on a new battle system too! You should check the new post out at

Second, Red Eclipse comes along great again, flouring with new graphics! I’ll do a post of it soon, hopefully.

Third, Calvin624 is opening the XAS Tutorials site up because he’s gotten too little time! I’m one of those who are posting stuff about it monthly or so. At least I try. 🙂

Fourth and last, I’m playing around with a new engine called the “Project Zelda Engine” (Shortened PZE). You should look for it too if you are lucky to possess RPG Maker XP; It’s great.

So long for the new information. I hope you’re all set up for the next week of holidays! See you!



Some new stuff

Hey, guys. I’ve been busy with Red Eclipse lately, and talking to Janrae Mendoza of course – By the way, he published Sprites for the RPG Makers VX and VX Ace! As well as some graphical layouts 🙂

So, Red Eclipse is coming along nicely, but the problem is – I’m running out of ideas for maps to make. If you’ve got any suggestions for maps you’d like to see in the final project, post a comment below. Thanks.


Catch you later – By the way, use that chatbox.


XAS Images

These are pictures I made directly from the game. Some of the graphics © Janrae Mendoza, the rest belongs to Moghunter, including the scripts.