FAQ: Xiderowg Action System

Warning: This FAQ thread only answers the questions for XAS 3.91 [RPG Maker XP]! For any XAS VX/A related questions, check http://xasabs.wordpress.com/.

Q: How do I install XAS?

A: Unzip, open the .rxproj file, and you’re set.

Q: “Failed to load *** data.”

A: Either you didn’t unzip it, or it didn’t unzip completely. Double-Check everything is there. That isn’t even XAS related, but anyway.

Q: How do I create an enemy?

A: Five simple steps. Those are… somewhat useful if you’re going to create a project with XAS. Like me *cough*

  • Create an enemy in the Enemies Tab of the Database.
  • Create a troop at the exact same position as the enemy in the Troops tab of the Database.
  • Create an Event, named <EnemyX> where X = Enemy ID.
  • Create one page, set Move Route to Custom, add some ordinary Move Route such as Move at random etc.
  • Create a second page, adding the “Self Switch D is ON” option. Now use your brain and the XAS commands to attack your allies.

Q: Why do I get the Error “You forgot to set a ID of Enemy Event”?

A: Probably you’ve forgot to add a Troop in the corresponding tab of the database. Double-Check you inserted the enemy and the troop on the same position – For example, you’d add three new enemies on position 31, 32 and 33, so you’d have to insert each enemy once on the same positions as a troop [31 = 31, 32 = 32, 33 = 33].

Q: How can I add temporary invincibility to my enemy?

A: I’ve got this question a number of times now, so I’ll answer it as well.

  1. Open the Scripts Tab, search for “XAS” » “BATTLER” and look for the line “SHILED_DIRECTIONS”.
  2. Add your Enemy ID on the left, insert a blue Arrow => and a bracket []. (Copy-Paste if you’re too lazy.)
  3. Inside the brackets add “2,4,6,8” without quotations – This’ll make the enemy invincible in all directions.

If you’ve done this, you can use the XAS commands shield_enable! and shield_disable! (Important: With the exclamation mark) to add temporary invincibility to your enemy. Have fun.

Q: Above thing doesn’t work.

A: Are you sure you inserted those brackets [ ] instead of ( )? Everything else is pretty fool-proof, so you’ve either did that wrong or you haven’t read everything.

If you did everything and tried anything to save your life, here’s an easier way: Use the script tags vunerable and invunerable (Warning: It’s called vunerable, not vulnerable!)

Q: How do I make [Insert states- or elements-related question here]?

A: Check Calvin’s Manual for XAS 3.91. http://xasabs.wordpress.com/


Q: How can I submit to this FAQ?

A: Post a comment below and hope it gets answered.


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